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Funding Rules

The policies, by-laws and eligibility requirements are continually under review, therefore we welcome any thoughts or suggestions you may have on this aspect of the fund. Please email your comments or questions to The following funding rules will apply:

  • In order to be eligible for funding, an artist must have begun production on the record for which they are applying prior to submitting their application. This does not refer to pre-production but the actual recording of bed tracks for the release.
  • All domestic funding initiatives must be related to spending in Canada only other than internet advertising which can originate anywhere. The Radio Starmaker Fund will consider funding domestic and international live appearances in the touring application sections. Please review the FAQ’s section for further clarification as some restrictions apply.
  • Significant Investment can be established by spending in approved categories 12 months prior to the deadline for the round in which you apply, as well as any anticipated spending you will make up until 8 months following the deadline for the round in which you apply. Funding initiatives cannot however, be claimed retroactively. Labels may claim reimbursement for funding initiatives commencing from the date their applications are submitted.
  • Digital Marketing is capped at $50,000 in funding per release. Website Design is included in this category and is capped at $25,000 in funding per release.
  • Facebook advertising will be considered as both significant investment or funding requests in our marketing applications, although only when purchased by an established 3rd party media buying company. Applicants must identify their 3rd party media buying company as the vendor in their application. There will be no specific cap for Facebook advertising as Significant Investment in a Domestic Marketing application. As a Funding Request, it is subject to the overall $50,000 Digital Marketing cap per release as mentioned above.
  • All expenses must be 3rd party expenditures supported by original invoices. The Radio Starmaker Fund will accept copies of the following as acceptable proof of payment:
    • original cancelled cheques
    • on-line banking transaction receipts
    • original money order/bank draft receipts
    • credit card statements and
    • wire transfer payments included on your bank statement with a wire transfer number
    Cash receipts will not be accepted as proof of payment.
  • All RSF funding initiatives must be 100% funded by the RSF. None of your funding initiatives can be funded in whole or in part by any other funding organization. If any portion of an individual invoice has been previously recognized by any other funding organization, the expense will not be considered by the RSF. All RSF tour approvals must be declared to FACTOR as income if you’re applying for the same appearances.
  • As part of the applicant agreement, you will be required to agree to a full and complete audit of your books and records without restriction in order to authenticate expenditures and payments. Any misappropriation of funds will be subject to penalties of repayment as well as possible suspension from using the Fund for up to 5 years as determined by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors of the Radio Starmaker Fund shall make the final determination on all funding requests and their decision is final and binding and not subject to review or appeal. The criteria used by the Board shall be comprised of a number of factors including the track record of the artist, the amount of investment being made by the label, the marketing plan and the resources available to the Fund in that period.

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