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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2009 / 2010

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Grant Allocation By Type Of Record Label

Success Fact: Gord Bamford

Gord Bamford

Assistance from the Radio Starmaker Fund has provided essential contribution to Gord’s career and was crucial to the current success of his latest release “Day Job”. Tour funding from Starmaker helped enable a cross-country tour for the new album, leading to increased radio play and recognition from a growing fan base. As a result, “Day Job” dominated the 2010 CCMA’s with five awards. Gord’s dream of creating music while giving back to the community has been made possible with ongoing support from the Radio Starmaker Fund.

Kelly Resler
Director of Business Development
Cache Entertainment Inc.

Tracking Success

We have established throughout the operation of the Fund a system of following up with our applicants to seek feedback on the impact of the funding. Statistics can only tell part of the story and we prefer to have specific and direct feedback from our applicants as to how they felt Starmaker assisted their goals. Throughout this report there are several success stories provided by our applicants that illustrates the very positive impact we are having on Canadian artists both here and abroad.

Grant Allocation By Type Of Record Label

Quasi-Indie Misc.
Total Approved Funding For Fiscal Year $684,639.97 $4,863,986.08 $509,097.27 $673,245.00 $6,730,968.32
% Of Total Approved Funding 10.17% 72.26% 7.57% 10.00% 100.00%