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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2010 / 2011

Artist Profile: Dan Mangan

Dan Mangan

I can say without any hesitation that the Radio Starmaker Fund has been a huge contributor to the rapid growth that my band and I have experienced over the last few years - not just financially but also by helping us grow the necessary infrastructure. I spent years traveling around the world on my own, taking trains and planes with a guitar and a case of merchandise. In that time, I laid a lot of seeds in the hope that they might grow. Since becoming eligible for Starmaker funding, I’ve been able to dramatically increase the impact of my tours and travel with a wonderful band and crew.

When it comes to established artists - the allure of a solo tour can be quite charming to an already existing fan base. In most cases, the impact that a full band can make for an emerging act is exponentially larger than it is for a solo performer. Having a proper merchandise display and a tour manager to handle logistics, not to mention a reliable vehicle to get around in and accommodations to rest in immediately produces a higher calibre touring experience and ultimately, performance for the audience. All the costs of touring become more manageable and the overall effectiveness of the tour is elevated. Starmaker help to make investments that facilitate the growth of a band - not only in the scope of their audience but in the trajectory of the artist’s career.

Financial constraints are the biggest burden for any small, growing business and a band is no different. Having funding to make those very necessary initial investments makes so many things possible that would otherwise be unthinkable. And the returns are huge - to the touring project, to Canadian culture and to the world at large. Whether traveling domestically or internationally, the Radio Starmaker Fund has allowed us to continually raise the stakes and focus on improving the experience of attending one of our performances. In the time that I’ve been eligible for Starmaker, my ticket buying audience in Canada has grown from 50 - 200 to 400 - 3,000. In Germany, they’ve grown from 20 - 80 to 200 - 500. As the business grows and the music spreads, the effect of the touring compounds significantly. I can so clearly see how a sold out show in London helps to sell tickets for a show in Madrid and how thousands of internet hits throughout the USA affect record sales in the Netherlands.

I cannot express how fortunate I feel as a Canadian artist to have access to funding from the Radio Starmaker Fund. It has allowed me, along with my peers, to gain the attention of the music buying public on a global level. The Canadian music scene has never been stronger and is highly respected internationally. I believe that in both direct and indirect ways, the strength of the arts community in Canada has - to a considerable extent - our funding system to thank. It’s no coincidence. Financial liquidity allows for positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement allows for growth.

Dan Mangan