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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2010 / 2011

Artist Profile: Mother Mother

Mother Mother

Vancouver’s Mother Mother has been critically acclaimed for their original and unique approach to modern pop/rock music - a beautifully bent portrait of vocal harmony, clever, offbeat lyricism and dynamic instrumentation. “Eureka”, their third album on Last Gang Records, continues to mark the evolution and maturity of a band that stands out in today’s music scene. Released worldwide on March 15, 2011, it highlights their evolving artistry, with the addition of greater texture and depth.

Lauded in the media, “Eureka” has garnered remarkable attention from fans both new and old. With two Top 10 hits under their belt at modern and alternative rock radio, their new single, “Simply Simple” was the #3 most added track last week at alternative rock radio in Canada. The band is currently on tour here completing a string of sold-out concert performances prior to embarking on a tour in support of the European release of the record, with the objective of building upon the success of their previous recordings and appearances.

With the financial assistance of the Radio Starmaker Fund, Last Gang was able to fuel the smouldering fire and heat up campaigns at radio and in the media, while also strategically coordinating effective marketing and promotion around all of the band’s activities. Starmaker funding allowed us to run more extensive print and on-line advertising campaigns, as well as social networking initiatives to further develop the band’s sales base at both physical and digital retail. The larger scale of these promotional and marketing efforts would not have been financially possible without Starmaker’s assistance.

Whether it be tour support, domestic and/or international marketing or assistance in financing a specific event, Starmaker has been a great resource to Last Gang and a true friend to the group. This can be more easily observed with the band’s success domestically but it is even more poignant when looking at how Starmaker assists Mother Mother in international territories like the United States and United Kingdom. In these territories, Mother Mother must stand out amidst an ocean of what are domestic priorities in those territories. It is in these markets that Starmaker’s assistance is so meaningful because of the amount of groundbreaking work which needs to be done to blaze a new trail, especially given the financial demands of these efforts. Mother Mother’s success in these international markets is both a testament to the band as artists, as well as undeniable proof that the Fund’s financial assistance has genuinely and positively impacted the band’s development as a world-class recording and touring act.

Last Gang thanks the Radio Starmaker Fund for their continued support of Mother Mother. We very much appreciate Starmaker’s ongoing interest in and support of our label’s activities in further developing our great roster of artists.

Lenny Levine
Last Gang Records