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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2012 / 2013

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Applications Submitted vs. Applications Approved

Success Fact: Alan Doyle

Alan Doyle

The support of The Radio Starmaker Fund has allowed Alan Doyle to bring his debut solo album, Boy on Bridge, to audiences across North America. After 20 years touring the world with his multi-platinum selling group Great Big Sea, a significant investment is required to turn this recognized musician into a bona fide solo artist. The strategic marketing required to establish Doyle as a solo artist involves targeted online, radio and television advertising, alongside a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Because of the support of the Radio Starmaker Fund, we were able to promote the album extensively. Marketing funds also allowed our U.S. publicity team to find a new audience for Doyle across America. He was able to tour North America with the 6-piece band featured on the album as well as a professional crew, a luxury afforded by the support of Starmaker. The record has gone on to sell over 20,000 units in North America to date and the video for the track “Testify,” was nominated for Video of the Year at the 2013 Juno Awards.

Louis Thomas
Sonic Entertainment Group

Application Evaluation

Applications to the Radio Starmaker Fund are evaluated on four major criteria:

  • The track record of the artist
  • The amount of money invested by the applicant and his/her label
  • The quality of the marketing plan, both the proposed RSF portion and the portion to which the applicant has committed through their significant investment
  • The amount of money the Radio Starmaker Fund has available for the round

In order to qualify for the Radio Starmaker Fund, artists are required to reach prescribed sales levels by genre and demonstrate a financial commitment to the marketing of their recorded project. For a detailed description of our criteria please visit our website at Furthermore, the artist must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant and the ownership of the master recording must reside with a Canadian company.

We continue to fund artists from a wide variety of musical genres and from every region of the country.

Applications Submitted vs. Applications Approved

# Of Qualifying Applications Submitted # Of Applications Approved %
Total Fiscal Year 416 369 88.70%