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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2014 / 2015

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Success Fact: Diana Panton

Diana Panton

As an independent artist who has released seven critically acclaimed albums in Canada within the past decade, I was excited and genuinely a little relieved to recently qualify for Radio Starmaker funding. Following my 2015 Juno win for Best Jazz Vocal Album, I’ve experienced increased requests for performances in Canada. With that comes substantial expenses that accompany a burgeoning career including investments in recording, manufacturing, marketing, touring, etc. These expenditures quickly add up and are rarely reimbursed through CD sales and performances alone. To this end, Starmaker has helped me towards balancing my budget while continuing to pursue marketing and touring goals that help my music reach an ever wider audience in Canada and abroad.

I’m happy to report that my albums are also receiving an enthusiastic reception in Asia with two Silver Disc Awards in Japan, Top 10 charting sales in Taiwan and growing audiophile interest in Shanghai. My newest album, I Believe in Little Things, debuted at No. 2 on the HMV Jazz Chart in Hong Kong and I’m excited to be travelling to Japan for the first time to perform at the famed Cotton Club. I’ll also be returning to Taiwan to showcase my first vinyl release there in a state-of-the-art facility. With the knowledge that Radio Starmaker funding is available, I feel more confident to explore new territories for performing and undertaking marketing ventures to promote them. It makes me proud as a Canadian artist to know that the Radio Starmaker Fund is actively investing in Canada’s cultural growth.

Diana Panton

Tracking Success

We have established throughout the operation of the Fund a system of following up with our applicants to seek feedback on the impact of the funding. Statistics can only tell part of the story and we prefer to have specific and direct feedback from our applicants as to how they felt Starmaker assisted their goals. Throughout this report there are several success stories provided by our applicants that illustrates the very positive impact we are having on Canadian artists both here and abroad.

Grant Allocation By Type Of Record Label

Quasi-Indie Misc.
Total Approved Funding For Fiscal Year $81,296.47 $6,518,100.43 $427,635.09 $1,303,355.38 $8,330,387.37
% Of Total Approved Funding 0.98% 78.24% 5.13% 15.65% 100.00%