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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2014 / 2015

Radio Starmaker Funded Artists Round 52

Success Fact: Florence K.

Florence K

The support of the Radio Starmaker Fund has been very helpful in the development of my career, especially in breaking through in Canada outside of Quebec and in the United States. I have been a musician all my life and recorded my first album at age 21 - a decade ago. Since then, I have been able to release four additional albums and tour extensively behind each one of them, partly thanks to the Radio Starmaker Fund and its support for developing careers like mine. My music is greatly influenced by jazz, blues and world music. I write and sing in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese, opening doors to a musical genre that is not generally considered mainstream. However, by helping me market my work and tour behind it, the Radio Starmaker Fund aids in the process of my music being discovered by the public. I will debut my American tour in 2016 and it will be a great opportunity for me to export what makes our Canadian culture so great: the crossroad between different cultures.

Florence K

Artist Approved
Adam Cohen $59,500.00
Alan Doyle $8,500.00
Alejandra Ribera $25,500.00
Alex Cuba $4,000.00
Alyssa Reid $13,500.00
Amanda Martinez $10,500.00
Amelia Curran $29,173.25
Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà $6,000.00
Arkells $25,815.98
Austra $8,000.00
Autumn Hill $37,500.00
Bahamas $65,500.00
Basia Bulat $8,298.34
Ben Caplan $15,000.00
Bobby Bazini $21,296.47
Brett Kissel $29,339.52
Bry Webb $7,500.00
Cold Specks $25,000.00
Colin Stetson $16,000.00
Current Swell $22,000.00
David Francey $27,500.00
David Myles $7,500.00
Dean Brody $1,500.00
Del Barber $25,500.00
Diana Panton $4,500.00
Doc Walker $3,000.00
Down With Webster $41,573.01
Elizabeth Shepherd $46,851.00
Elliott Brood $95,589.74
Florence K. $6,000.00
Frazey Ford $75,388.17
Fucked Up $12,000.00
Hey Rosetta! $56,786.50
Hollerado $22,000.00
Jon and Roy $9,000.00
Jordan Officer $39,469.24
July Talk $66,000.00
Kira Isabella $37,500.00
Leif Vollebekk $3,000.00
Artist Approved
Total $2,414,463.06
Lights $40,272.07
Lindi Ortega $20,000.00
Marie-Josée Lord $24,664.83
Massari $12,000.00
Matt Andersen $35,000.00
Mia Martina $43,044.07
Mo Kenney $65,545.00
Monkeyjunk $28,000.00
Monster Truck $27,000.00
Mother Mother $38,201.80
Nikki Yanofsky $20,000.00
One More Girl $31,500.00
Royal Wood $27,000.00
Ruth Moody $25,500.00
Said The Whale $48,000.00
Snak The Ripper $6,000.00
Steve Bell $37,500.00
Sultans of String $37,500.00
Susie Arioli $3,000.00
The Barr Brothers $109,310.26
The Deep Dark Woods $3,000.00
The Glorious Sons $74,821.61
The New Pornographers $32,183.10
The Once $127,290.29
The Pack A.D. $34,500.00
The Road Hammers $22,522.60
The Rural Alberta Advantage $96,263.62
The Seasons $18,000.00
The Strumbellas $42,000.00
The Trews $10,000.00
The Wailin’ Jennys $10,500.00
The Wooden Sky $37,500.00
Tim Hicks $1,500.00
Timber Timbre $38,000.00
U.S.S. (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) $28,500.00
Virginia To Vegas $34,500.00
Young Galaxy $6,000.00
Your Favorite Enemies $53,262.59
Zeus $46,500.00

Includes funding approved for Domestic Marketing, International Marketing and Domestic and International Touring programs.