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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2014 / 2015

Artist Profile: Your Favorite Enemies

Your Favorite Enemies

For a band like Your Favorite Enemies, who grew and developed in a very particular, if not unique, paradigm of do it yourself ethics and community values that seemed quite far from the traditional music business world, Radio Starmaker felt like a foreign type of entity to us.

After almost ten years of being completely independent, founding our own label and acquiring our studio, releasing several albums and odd personal projects and touring almost everywhere in the world, it was difficult for us to envision acting by “rules”, which we really felt never applied to us whatsoever. In other words, it wasn’t about the fear of becoming “the product of a structure” or about being associated with “those guys who sell-out”, it was about the reluctance of getting ourselves into an environment that could alter our instinctive way of doing things and being confined by regulations and controls.

However, our apprehensions couldn’t have been further from the truth. We found in Starmaker true dedicated allies happy being a part of the success of our new album release in Europe - generous mentors who shared past experiences in order to expose different perspectives and alternatives in marketing efficiency, open-minded supporters in untraditional, unorthodox and uncommon promotional strategies and most of all, faithful collaborators who we felt were very proud to be involved in the band’s growth and to assist us in reaching new levels and exploring new territorial grounds.

All that is to say that if a non-conformist band such as Your Favorite Enemies found in Radio Starmaker an incubator for new ideas, of inspiring dialogues and of atypical thinking, I don’t have any doubt that any artist who will have the opportunity to share a project through the Radio Starmaker programs will greatly benefit from it on all possible levels.

Alex Henry Foster
Your Favorite Enemies