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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2015 / 2016

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Success Fact: Jon and Roy

Jon and Roy

Jon and Roy have become a strong presence in Canada’s folk/roots music scene. With Radio Starmaker funding, they have been able to push their latest album Riverside to its fullest potential. Taking the album on the road, the RSF made it financially possible to tour alongside Xavier Rudd, headline an Ontario tour and play a summer full of festivals throughout the country. This growth secured Jon and Roy a Western Canadian Music Award nomination and has prompted their upcoming European tour.

The support of the Fund is a major contributor to the overall growth of the duo’s career and potential. It has been a vital component in realizing Jon and Roy’s touring goals, given the duo financial stability and made their domestic and international touring and marketing campaigns financially viable.

Avelyn Duncan
Management & Marketing Assistant
Blue Heron Music

Tracking Success

We have established throughout the operation of the Fund a system of following up with our applicants to seek feedback on the impact of the funding. Statistics can only tell part of the story and we prefer to have specific and direct feedback from our applicants as to how they felt Starmaker assisted their goals. Throughout this report there are several success stories provided by our applicants that illustrate the very positive impact we are having on Canadian artists both here and abroad.

Grant Allocation By Type Of Record Label

Quasi-Indie Misc.
Total Approved Funding For Fiscal Year $391,699.08 $6,751,013.18 $373,581.16 $1,240,000.00 $$8,756,293.42
% Of Total Approved Funding 0.98% 78.24% 5.13% 15.65% 100.00%