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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2015 / 2016

Artist Profile: Reuben and the Dark

Reuben and the Dark

We first received Radio Starmaker funding in support of our 2014 debut release, Funeral Sky. Our eligibility came in the middle of the campaign in early 2015 so it was really interesting to see the effects of the contribution. We had already been touring extensively since before the album was released in 2013, doing circles around North America in a rusty van and trailer.

The financial assist from Starmaker really allowed us to explore a bigger demographic. We could take showcase performances and opening slots at large festivals without the burden of debt that is usually associated with such gigs. We increased the quality of our performances by hiring sound techs to mix the shows and tour managers to make sure things moved in a professional manner. It makes a huge difference as an artist that's been used to driving for hours between shows to have a support team on the road and during live dates, allowing us to focus on our performances.

Starmaker brought us to all the edges of North America again, as well as the UK and has become a massive part of our marketing plan to broaden our career and spread our music further to audiences around the world. Increasing our ability to hire US radio teams and publicists has been key to setting up our next release. Without the assistance of the Radio Starmaker Fund, we could not have enjoyed the accelerated timeline of our success.

The van is still rusty but I now have more freedom to look ahead at developing a career and taking this band to the next step because of Starmaker's support. I am very grateful for this funding and feel proud to be part of the growth of Canada's cultural communities due to the support of the Radio Starmaker Fund.

- Reuben Bullock (Reuben and the Dark)