Radio Starmaker Fund

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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2015 / 2016

Radio Starmaker Funded Artists Round 56

Success Fact: Mia Martina

Mia Martina

The Radio Starmaker Fund is an amazing organization that helped turn my passion for singing and song-writing into a successful career in the music business, helping me to become a household name in Canada and around the world. My music is dance/pop influenced which is a very competitive lane but with the help of Starmaker I have been able to better market my brand which assisted in the success of my three most recent gold singles “Danse (feat. Dev)”, “Heartbreaker” and “Beast (feat. Waka Flocka)”.

The objective of my music career is to make everyone feel enlightened and know that anything is possible. The RSF is one of the reasons why I am able to share my passion for music around the world and for that I will be always grateful.

Mia Martina

Artist Approved
Alan Doyle $7,500.00
Alejandra Ribera $23,687.00
Alvvays $18,000.00
Amanda Martinez $9,000.00
Angele Dubeau & La Pieta $4,500.00
A Tribe Called Red $7,500.00
Autumn Hill $3,000.00
Ben Caplan $66,157.70
bia $14,745.00
Bobs and LoLo $18,000.00
Boogat $18,808.00
Born Ruffians $82,571.33
Brett Kissel $34,500.00
Cœur de pirate $19,000.00
Cold Specks $16,000.00
Current Swell $12,000.00
Dave Gunning $18,000.00
David Francey $14,000.00
David Myles $22,500.00
Dear Rouge $75,565.60
Delhi 2 Dublin $28,500.00
Diana Panton $19,500.00
Donovan Woods $18,000.00
Dragonette $10,500.00
Elizabeth Shepherd $39,825.00
Emilie Claire Barlow $16,500.00
Frazey Ford $92,971.82
Fucked Up $10,500.00
Good Lovelies $30,000.00
Grimes $46,800.00
Half Moon Run $91,285.00
High Valley $27,075.78
Jill Barber $35,000.00
Joel Plaskett $7,500.00
Artist Approved
Total $2,065,052.27
Jon and Roy $3,000.00
Jordan Officer $14,000.00
Lee Harvey Osmond $39,362.90
Lindi Ortega $80,070.25
Majical Cloudz $42,577.28
Massari $16,000.00
Mia Martina $6,000.00
Misteur Valaire $14,000.00
Mo Kenney $19,741.60
Old Man Luedecke $59,486.60
Purity Ring $27,000.00
Rah Rah $89,465.74
Reuben and the Dark $22,000.00
Rose Cousins $15,000.00
Scarlett Jane $13,500.00
Stephane Tetreault $11,084.68
Steve Hill $18,000.00
Sultans of String $31,500.00
Tanya Tagaq $15,500.00
The Bros. Landreth $34,500.00
The Franklin Electric $88,455.00
The Glorious Sons $37,500.00
The Once $19,500.00
The Sheepdogs $95,406.27
The Strumbellas $12,500.00
The Wooden Sky $53,158.00
Tim Hicks $29,987.28
Tyler Shaw $16,500.00
Wes Mack $42,609.93
Whitehorse $25,500.00
Yoan $18,000.00
Young Empires $27,000.00
Young Galaxy $30,001.50
Yukon Blonde $38,153.01

Includes funding approved for Domestic Marketing, International Marketing and Domestic and International Touring programs.