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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2015 / 2016

Sales Certifications

Success Fact: Snak The Ripper

Snak The Ripper

The tour support I've received from the Radio Starmaker Fund has allowed me to take chances on bookings in countries in which I’ve had a respectable amount of YouTube support but virtually no other digital income. It’s also made it more feasible for me to play shows opening for artists with larger draws that didn’t have a guaranteed profit but had a high likelihood of drawing in new fans.

I’ve also been able to invest more in online advertising and promotion, which would be harder for me to make happen without RSF support. Starmaker has been a catalyst in helping me expand my online presence, which includes over 40,000,000 YouTube views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers on other social media platforms. The funding provided by the Radio Starmaker Fund has absolutely been integral in helping me increase my fan base and build potential long term income.

Snak The Ripper

Artist Date Album/Single Certification Units
The Weeknd September 2015 Kiss Land Gold Album 40,000
Brett Kissel September 2015 "3-2-1" Gold Digital Download 40,000
July Talk September 2015 July Talk Gold Album 40,000
Coleman Hell October 2015 "2 Heads" Platinum Digital Download 80,000
Cœur de pirate November 2015 Roses Gold Album 40,000
Dean Brody November 2015 "Bring Down the House" Platinum Digital Download 80,000
Kevin Bazinet December 2015 Talk To Me Gold Album 40,000
Mia Martina January 2016 "Stereo Love" Platinum Digital Download 80,000
Mia Martina January 2016 "Beast" Gold Digital Download 40,000
High Valley January 2016 County Line Gold Digital Download 40,000
Coleman Hell January 2016 "2 Heads" Double Platinum Digital Download 160,000
Mia Martina February 2016 "Heartbreaker" Gold Digital Download 40,000
Half Moon Run March 2016 Sun Leads Me On Gold Album 40,000
Brett Kissel March 2016 Started With A Song Gold Digital Download 40,000
The Strumbellas April 2016 "Spirits" Gold Digital Download 40,000
Virginia To Vegas April 2016 "We Are Stars" Gold Digital Download 40,000
The Strumbellas July 2016 "Spirits" Platinum Digital Download 80,000