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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2016 / 2017

Grant Allocation By Music Industry Association

Success Fact: The Jerry Cans

The Jerry Cans

The Jerry Cans released their album Inuusiq/Life in November 2016. Since its release, Starmaker funding has been essential to the success of the album, both across Canada and internationally. With the help of Starmaker tour support, we have performed over 150 times across Canada, Australia, Iceland and Norway. The significance of this funding support is further emphasized considering the approximate $2,000 travel cost from our home community, Iqaluit, to any southern major center. Without Starmaker support, the Jerry Cans touring potential would be extremely limited. The RSF has allowed the band to access key marketing and tour support funding to pursue our music careers full time while continuing to call Iqaluit, Nunavut our home.

Currently, we are the only band from Northern Canada accessing Starmaker funding. The band has been actively promoting the funding opportunities to other Nunavut artists and will continue to do so. The Jerry Cans are very thankful for the support provided by Starmaker and look forward to working with the organization to continue to build the northern music industry.

Andrew Morrison
Aakuluk Music/The Jerry Cans

Recipient Event Territory Amount
Total $1,121,050.00
Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences 2017 Juno Awards Ottawa, ON $96,050.00
Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences 2017 Juno Awards Ottawa, ON $125,000.00
Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences 2017 Juno Awards Ottawa, ON $200,000.00
Canadian Country Music Association 2017 Canadian Country Music Awards Saskatoon, SK $40,000.00
Canadian Music Week 2017 Canadian Radio Music Awards Toronto, ON $30,000.00
CIMA 2017 Music Export Initiative Various $100,000.00
East Coast Music Association 2017 East Coast Music Awards St. John, NB $25,000.00
Festival Music House Toronto 2017 Festival Music House Toronto Toronto, ON $125,000.00
Festival Music House Atlantic 2017 Festival Music House Atlantic Halifax, NS $75,000.00
Festival Music House Pacific 2017 Festival Music House Pacific Vancouver, BC $25,000.00
Festival Music House Banff 2017 Festival Music House Banff Banff, AB $125,000.00
Halifax Pop Explosion Association 2017 Halifax Pop Explosion Halifax, NS $35,000.00
M For Montreal 2017 M For Montreal Montreal, QC $20,000.00
Polaris Music Prize 2017 Polaris Music Prize Toronto, ON $25,000.00
Pop Montreal 2017 Pop Montreal Montreal, QC $50,000.00
Western Canadian Music Alliance 2017 Western Canadian Music Awards Edmonton, AB $25,000.00