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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2016 / 2017

Sales Certifications

Success Fact: Emilie & Ogden

Emilie & Ogden

For a debut artist, touring is a crucial but expensive part of developing a strong fan base in both domestic and international markets. The grants received from the Radio Starmaker Fund allowed Emilie & Ogden (Emilie Kahn and her harp, Ogden) to play over 100 shows supporting her debut album 10,000, including a three-week tour in the United States opening for Half Moon Run and three separate European solo tours. The funds helped Emilie to access markets where the low amount of compensation would make touring otherwise impossible and to re-visit territories such as France, where the response was extremely positive. They also enabled the artist and her musicians/technicians to travel in better conditions, hence delivering the best live performances possible. While in those territories, Emilie was also able to undertake important live sessions and other promotional appearances. The album 10,000 now has over 2.5 million streams on Spotify and Emilie has a strong base on which to grow her career, in part due to the Radio Starmaker Fund.

Angelina Sanchez

Artist Date Album/Single Certification Units
Ria Mae September 2016 "Clothes Off" Platinum Single 80,000
Tyler Shaw September 2016 "Kiss Goodnight" Platinum Single 80,000
Tim Hicks September 2016 "Got A Feeling" Gold Single 40,000
Coleman Hell September 2016 "2 Heads" Triple Platinum Single 240,000
Coleman Hell September 2016 "Fireproof" Gold Single 40,000
Zeds Dead September 2016 "Lost You" ft. Twin Shadow & D'angelo Lacy Gold Single 40,000
Scott Helman September 2016 "Bungalow" Platinum Single 80,000
SonReal September 2016 "Can I Get A Witness" Gold Single 40,000
SonReal October 2016 "Can I Get A Witness" Platinum Single 80,000
Half Moon Run November 2016 Dark Eyes Platinum Album 80,000
Chad Brownlee January 2017 "I Hate You For It" Gold Single 40,000
Tebey January 2017 "Wake Me Up" Gold Single 40,000
Coleman Hell January 2017 "Fireproof" Platinum Single 80,000
Arkells February 2017 "Leather Jacket" Gold Single 40,000
Tim Hicks February 2017 "Get By" Platinum Single 80,000
Virginia To Vegas February 2017 "Lights Out" Gold Single 40,000
Coleman Hell February 2017 "2 Heads" Quadruple Platinum Single 320,000
July Talk March 2017 "Guns + Ammunition" Gold Single 40,000
Karl Wolf March 2017 "Amateur at Love" Gold Single 40,000
Jonathan Roy April 2017 "Daniella Denmark" Gold Single 40,000
The Strumbellas May 2017 "Spirits" Double Platinum Single 160,000
July Talk June 2017 "Push + Pull" Gold Single 40,000
Tim Hicks June 2017 "Stronger Beer" Platinum Single 80,000
Coleman Hell July 2017 "Devotion" Gold Single 40,000
Neon Dreams July 2017 "Marching Bands" Ft. Kardinall Offishall Gold Single 40,000
Tim Hicks August 2017 Throw Down Gold Album 40,000