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Radio Starmaker Fund Annual Report

2017 / 2018

Artist Profile: Charlotte Cardin

Charlotte Cardin

The Radio Starmaker Fund has been an invaluable partner for me since the release of the Big Boy EP in 2016. At a time when I was only beginning to experience true career momentum, the Radio Starmaker Fund allowed me and my team to truly scale that momentum and build my career as well as the careers of those around me into something much greater. That sort of support and contribution is rare – it's actually miraculous. The gratitude and admiration we have for those that have made this important fund possible is truly immense.

Starmaker made touring the United States and Europe possible. We were able to stick our best foot forward and develop lasting relationships in markets in which we had only a small batch of established relationships. This includes industry professionals, but it also includes artists, creators and collaborators. Many that – along with our regular cast of talented and inspiring Canadian creatives – have contributed in some way to the release of the Main Girl EP in 2017.

The fund saw us take on a tour with Nick Murphy and BØRNS. We reached newer, larger audiences. We made new connections and created new opportunities. All of which would likely not have been realized without the support. More importantly was the experience that I had on these tours. I was able to step into a new international role with a degree of comfort and confidence that truly defined these tours and these most recent months of my career.

This last year has been a decisive one in my career. Radio Starmaker Fund was instrumental in helping me achieve this. In other words, from myself and on behalf of my entire team, we would like to thank Radio Starmaker Fund from the bottom of our hearts for the continued support. This fund is truly special, and we are endlessly grateful for what it does for Canadian music.

Charlotte Cardin