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1. Before You Start

If you own your own label and are the only artist on the label, you can choose Self-Release for your label when adding albums later in the application process. If you are not self-releasing your records and are signed to a Label that does not appear in this list, then you will need to have your label create an account on the site before you can apply.

Please note: if you are signed to a label, the typical process would be for the label to apply for domestic marketing funds, as all investments and funding requests must be warranted by the label.

Available Labels:

  • Self-Release
  • 1
  • 21 Entertainment Group Inc
  • 3rd Verse Records
  • 604 Records Inc.
  • A440 Entertainment Inc
  • Abelin
  • Alert Music Inc.
  • All or Nothing Records
  • AL Records
  • Analekta Inc.
  • Anthem Entertainment
  • Arbor Records Ltd.
  • AR Creative Group Inc
  • artic
  • Arts & Crafts International
  • Asim & Ric Music Inc.
  • Audiogram
  • Bad Faith Records.
  • Bastard Jazz Canada
  • Baudelaire
  • Bet.e and Stef Records
  • Big in the Garden
  • Bijou Records
  • Birthday Cake Records
  • Black Boy Entertainment
  • Black Hen Music Ltd.
  • Blocktrade Music Inc.
  • Blue Feather Records
  • B.O.D.B Entertainment
  • Bonjour-Records San Diego Inc
  • Boompa Records
  • Borealis Records
  • Brown Recordings
  • Cadence Music
  • Cameron House Records
  • Campus Music/Lenz Entertainment
  • Caracol Records
  • Casablanca Kids Inc.
  • Castle Hill Records Ltd
  • Centaur Classics
  • CeSoul Music Inc
  • Coach House Music
  • Commission Entertainment Corp, The
  • Coqi Records
  • Costa Music Inc.
  • Courage Holdings Inc.
  • CP Music Group Inc.
  • Creator Brand Label Co. Inc.
  • Crystal Math Music
  • Culvert Music
  • D7 Recordings
  • Darkside Entertainment Music Canada
  • Decibel Holdings Inc.
  • DEJA Musique
  • DevilDuck Records
  • Discos del Toro
  • Disques Atlantis
  • Distort Inc.
  • Divertissement SonImage
  • Divine Industries Inc.
  • DJ world wide remix
  • Done Deal Entertainments
  • Do Right! Music
  • Electro-Fi Records Inc
  • EMI Music Canada
  • Ensoul Records
  • Few'll Ignite Sound
  • File Under: Music
  • FishFin Records, Inc.
  • Fluffy Records
  • Fontana North
  • FORGE Records INC
  • Four Chord Records
  • freelance composer
  • FrostByte Media Inc.
  • Future Sound
  • Galios Music
  • Geoffroy
  • Global 7 Entertainment Inc.
  • Golly Geng
  • Grigorian Entertainment/L'Atelier Grigorian Recordings
  • GroundSwell
  • Gudedit Records
  • Guts Records
  • Gypsy Soul Entertainment Inc.
  • Hardwood Records
  • HC Entertainment Group
  • Hidden Pony Records and Management
  • HOME Music Company
  • Hot Freestyle Records
  • HRM Records
  • Humble Dragon
  • Ice Cold Music,LLC
  • Idée Fixe Records
  • Indica Records
  • Intellegenix
  • Isba Music Entertainment Inc.
  • i Studio Cinema Television Inc.
  • Jayward Artist Group
  • Jexonex
  • Justin Time Records Inc.
  • Kannibalen Records
  • King Noise Records
  • Koch International
  • Kupid's Play
  • Labwork
  • Last Gang Records
  • Latent Recordings
  • La Tribu
  • L'Équipe Spectra
  • Les Disques NBW
  • Les Productions Minh Thao inc.
  • Light Organ Records
  • Line Group Inc., The
  • Lionheart Vinyl
  • Lulaworld Records
  • Luprock Entertainment
  • Maisonnette
  • Major Movements
  • Marquis Records
  • Mau5trap Venture Limited
  • Maya Records Inc
  • MDM Recordings
  • Mensa Records
  • Metric Productions
  • MicroSTAR.TV
  • Modica Music
  • Monstercat Inc.
  • Morojele Music Group Inc
  • MP3 Disques
  • Mungo Park Records
  • MuzikHaus Records
  • Nevado
  • New Money/ C.C Records Inc
  • Ninemuse Entertainment inc.
  • Normals Welcome Records
  • NorthernBlues Music, Inc.
  • nowhere special recordings
  • NST
  • Ocean Records Inc.
  • On Ramp Records
  • Open Road Recordings
  • Orange Music
  • Outside Music
  • OVO Sound
  • PangeranARTHUR
  • Partners Record Label
  • personal
  • Physical Presents
  • Plasma Corporation
  • Power Productions
  • Prodigy Records
  • Productions J inc.
  • Productions Sang-Lie
  • QG Recordings Inc.
  • Raincoast Records
  • Remedy Music
  • Road Angel Entertainment.
  • RockSTAR Music Corp.
  • Royal Mountain Records
  • Rumors
  • S7 Productions
  • Sadboy Records
  • Salt X Records
  • Scratch Records
  • Secret City Records
  • Seeking Blue
  • SGMGroupArtists
  • Sick Recordz Inc.
  • SilverBird Records
  • Six Shooter Records Inc.
  • Slaight Music
  • Sleeping Giant Music Inc.
  • Smallman Records
  • Smoke Shop Productionz
  • Snakeye Muzak
  • Somerset Entertainment
  • Sonic Records
  • Sonorous Entertainment Inc.
  • Soundsmith Music Group
  • Sphere Musique
  • SPRentertainment
  • Starseed Records
  • Stealth Bomb Records
  • Steelhead Music Inc.
  • Stonetree (8045062 Canada Inc.)
  • Studio Of Legends
  • Suave Dawg Entertainment Inc.
  • Sunshine Records Ltd.
  • Tacca Musique
  • Telephone Explosion
  • Think Militant Records
  • ThorToen Records
  • Thunderbird Records Corporation
  • Tonic Records
  • Track and Field
  • True North Records
  • Underground Operations
  • Universal Music Canada
  • UOMO Canada Inc.
  • Upper Class Recordings
  • Urban-Traxx-Entertainment
  • Vault, The
  • Vicktory Records
  • Vinyl Recordings, inc.
  • Wahyu fren
  • Warner Music Nashville
  • We Are Busy Bodies
  • Whispering Willows Records Inc.
  • Wychwood Park Productions
  • Yes Boy Records
  • Youth Club Records
  • Yul Entertainment
  • Zeds Dead Inc.
  • $teady Hu$tlin Record$
  • 1100 Entertainment
  • 306 Records
  • 514 Sound Records
  • Aakuluk Music
  • adjusted records
  • A l'infini communications
  • Alma Records
  • AMG
  • Angeline Entertainment
  • Aquarius Records
  • Arbutus
  • ArtHaus
  • Arts & Crafts
  • asd:aksf'oihaeg
  • Atma Classique
  • Awesome Productions and Management
  • Banbury Park Records
  • Battle Axe Records
  • Bent Penny Records
  • BiBoMusic
  • Big Star Recordings
  • Bilz Music
  • Black Box Recordings Inc.
  • Black Hen Music
  • Blocks Recording Club
  • Blow Media
  • Blue Heron Music
  • Bombay Records
  • Bonsound
  • Boonsdale Records Inc.
  • Bristol Records
  • Cache Entertainment Inc.
  • Cafe Productions Inc.
  • Camobear Records
  • Canyon Entertainment Group
  • Cardinal Point Music
  • Cash CampEnt
  • CBC Records
  • Certified Cash Coporation
  • CLK Creative Works
  • Cloud Nine Music
  • Coalition Music (Records) Inc.
  • Constellation
  • Cordova Bay Entertainment Group
  • Costume Records
  • Coyote Records
  • Crazy Cutz Records
  • Crooked Lid Records
  • Cult Nation, The
  • Curve Music
  • Dare To Care Records
  • Deadbeats
  • Deepen Sound Records
  • Dine Alone Music Inc
  • disques artic
  • Disques Musicor
  • distributions legrand
  • divine angel productions
  • DjazProdukshunz
  • Dog My Cat Records
  • DOOGOOD Ltd.
  • E1 Music Canada
  • Echozone S. Independent Label
  • Electrolyte Records
  • Empire Record Inc.
  • Epic
  • Everything Forever
  • Fifty Fourth Music
  • Filipi Music Group
  • Flemish Eye
  • FNE
  • FORESEEN Entertainment
  • Forward Music Group
  • Four Ways to Rock
  • Freeze-Flame Music & Entertainment
  • Fullspin Music Inc.
  • G7 Welcoming Committee
  • Geej Records
  • Glamarioux Entertainment
  • Glo the Label
  • Good People Record Co.
  • Groove Music Canada
  • GSi Musique
  • Gun Records Inc
  • HalfLife Records
  • Haus Records
  • Head For West Records
  • Highway Mile Music
  • Hopeful Tragedy Records
  • House of S Inc
  • H.R.M. Records Corp
  • HypnoVizion Records
  • Icon DG
  • Illusion Music
  • Indie Records
  • Isadora Records Inc.
  • Ishkōdé Records
  • Jackie Boy Inc.
  • Jericho Beach Music
  • Johnny Mac Entertainment
  • Justus League Records
  • Kelp Records
  • Kishan brojolall
  • Konfit Music Inc.
  • L-A be
  • La Chapelle Records
  • La Tanière
  • Latigid Media
  • Legend North
  • Les Disques Consult'Art
  • Les Disques Propulsion records
  • Lighter Than Air
  • LIGHTS Music Inc.
  • Linus Entertainment Inc
  • LoCity Entertainment
  • Lupo One Entertainment
  • Mad Fatti
  • Majesticsilk
  • Man Records
  • Mathurmatics Records
  • Maxamus Entertainment
  • McKay Entertainment Group Inc., The
  • Melaby Music Inc.
  • Merge North
  • Micah Communications Inc.
  • Mint Records
  • M.O.E Entertainment
  • Moonshine Music Inc
  • Moston Records
  • Mr. Label
  • Music Legend
  • Nettwerk Music Group Inc.
  • New Damage Records
  • Nightflite Records
  • Ninja Tune
  • Noromusic
  • NorthOfTheMap
  • NRTHRN Records Ltd.
  • Number VIII, The
  • Old Farm Pony Records
  • Opening Day Entertainment Group Inc.
  • Orange Lounge Recordings
  • Orange Record Label, The
  • Outside The Lines, Inc.
  • Padded Cell Productions
  • Paper Bag Records Inc.
  • peace unit records
  • Peoples Champ Inc
  • Pheromone Recordings
  • Pirates Blend Records Inc.
  • Play Records
  • Processed Inc
  • ProductionsMt
  • Pump Up The World
  • Radio Insect Records
  • Recordsoundpro
  • Rezolute Music Inc.
  • Rocking SM
  • Royal Crown Records
  • Royalty Records Inc.
  • Saboteur Musique
  • Saintfoxx Records
  • Scenic Music
  • Secret Brain Records
  • Secret Mountain, The
  • Sextant Records Inc
  • Shoreline Records
  • Signpost Music
  • Simone Records
  • Six Thirty-Three North
  • SLB💕ZaⷶmͫmͫiͥL
  • Sleepless Records
  • SmashMouth Entertainment, Inc.
  • Snakes x Ladders
  • Solid Gold Records Inc.
  • Song Dog Music Co. Limited
  • Sonic Unyon Records
  • Sony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc.
  • Spectra Musique
  • Spin Music Inc.
  • inc.
  • Stay Royal Records
  • Stealth Bomb Records Inc
  • Stoned on the Prairie Productions
  • Stony Plain Records
  • Stumble Records
  • Sun Rev Records
  • Swaggd out entertainment
  • Tandem
  • Test Label
  • Thomas "LEGENDARY" Kafieh
  • three gut records
  • Thunder Dome Sounds
  • Tox Records
  • Trench Recordings
  • Twelve 30 Records
  • Union Label Group / Stomp Records
  • Universal Music Canada / EBA
  • UPN6XT Music Group
  • UpTop Movement Inc.
  • Urbnet
  • Vega Musique
  • VicPark Group
  • Virgin Music Canada
  • Warner Music Canada
  • Wax Records
  • Welcar Music
  • Willow Sound Records
  • XOXO Entertainment Corp
  • YoungUpgrade
  • You've Changed Records
  • YUNG DUMB Records
  • Zone3 inc.

    Please note: if you own your master and distribute your record through a distributor (or major label) or you release your record on your own, the Radio Starmaker Fund considers you to be an independent artist. If you own your master and license your record to a major label or you are signed directly to a major label, the Radio Starmaker Fund considers you to be a major label artist.

    2. Rules and Requirements

    To qualify for funding you must be a Canadian who has attained a track record in your existing career. This means you must meet the following criteria:

    1. You are a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.
    2. You have attained a sales level on a CD in Canada only that satisfies the minimum “Track Record”1 requirement for your genre of music but has never sold more than 100,000 units (Major Labels) or 150,000 units (Indie Labels) (see “FAQ #7” for more information). You may establish your track record from the sales of any previous record released within the last 5 years or from the sales of a current release.
    3. You have begun production on the record for which you are applying prior to submitting your application. This does not refer to pre-production but the actual recording of bed tracks for the release.
    4. For Domestic Marketing applications, you have a current record released which is receiving or will receive a “Significant Investment”.2 A “current record” means that it must have been released in the 12 months previous to the deadline for the round in which you apply or released within 6 months following the deadline for the round in which you apply. If you do not meet these requirements you will be asked to reapply and return any funding you have already received. Any funding you have been approved for will be reallocated back into the Fund and will no longer be available to you.
    5. You are signed to a Canadian major label, Canadian owned independent record label or you own your record and you either release it on your own or license it to a Canadian company. All of the details regarding your recording contract must be in place by the application deadline in order for the Board of Directors to consider an application. Please Note: You do not qualify for funding if the royalties and revenues from the Canadian sales of your records flow directly to a corporation outside of Canada. You must receive your royalties from Canadian sales directly through a Canadian company.
    6. Please note: If you own your master and distribute your record through a distributor (or major label) or release your record on your own, the Radio Starmaker Fund considers you to be an independent artist. If you own your master and license your record to a major label or you are signed directly to a major label, the Radio Starmaker Fund considers you to be a major label artist.

    You may wish to have your record label, manager or other representative fill out this application on your behalf, however, you will be required to sign it and warrant the accuracy of all the material contained in it. You will also be held responsible for all grant money received and spent on your behalf, therefore we encourage you to actively participate in this process to ensure that the money is properly spent in your best interests.

    As the applicant, it is anticipated that you will create the majority of this application. You are responsible and accountable to establish and document the “Significant Investment” (see below note 2) and the Funding Initiatives (see Funding Rules section). The domestic and international touring applications should be filled out by the artists and/or their managers. Please be advised that as a condition of this funding you will be required to sign an agreement allowing the Fund to enter your business premises and conduct full audits of your books and records during regular business hours to ensure the integrity of the funding and the accuracy of accounting. The Significant Investment is established by:

    1. Non-recoupable marketing spends made in Canada. Digital marketing/advertising companies you use for domestic marketing applications can be located anywhere in the world but the actual initiatives you use them for must take place in Canada.
    2. Any non-recoupable portion of music videos capped at an allowance of $35,000 per music video as a qualified contribution to “Significant Investment”. Please make sure to include the date the music video was shot and the fact the significant investment you enter is non-recoupable, should you choose to include music video as a Significant Investment. The maximum amount the Radio Starmaker Fund will acknowledge in Significant Investment for music videos in conjunction with a release will be a total of $100,000.

      Footage shot for any use outside of a formal music video which will be sent to music channels should be included in the Digital Marketing category on the investment side. As always, we will not fund any music videos. Formal music videos can continue to be included in the “Other” category as Significant Investment.
    3. The minimum required investment for domestic marketing is $5,000 (see Note 2 for levels in all genres).
    4. No tour support or creative/production costs associated with your release shall qualify as “Significant Investment” (see FAQ #15 for additional expenses that do not qualify as “Significant Investment”). We will however consider costs associated with the production of DVD value add-ons up to a cap of $15,000 per project (taxes included) provided there is a real marketing drive involving the DVD add-on.

    Once the Significant Investment has been established, you will be entitled to apply for grant funding for additional marketing initiatives, which include:

    • Advertising (radio, print, television, web)
    • Promotions (contests, postering, retail promotions)
    • Independent Publicist’s Fees/Independent Radio Promoter’s Fees
    • Digital Marketing (epk’s, internet advertising, website design, etc). Website Design is included in this category and is capped at $25,000 in funding per release.
    • You may include direct monthly or flat fee charges from your distributor should you hire them to work your project to the press and/or radio. You may also use your distributor for digital marketing campaigns including Facebook. These initiatives will be considered as both significant investment or funding requests in our domestic marketing applications or as funding requests in our international marketing applications. These can only be accepted should you be invoiced for this work. They cannot be accepted if the fee is paid to your distributor as a percentage of sales.
    • Facebook advertising will be considered as both significant investment or funding requests in our marketing applications. There will be no specific cap for Facebook advertising in a Domestic Marketing application.

    The funding is provided on an incremental ratio basis rather than on the traditional model of “50 cent dollars”. The funding initiatives approved will be provided as a grant of “100 cent dollars” however you will be restricted in the amount received by a cap based on your Significant Investment. This means that any funding received from the Radio Starmaker Fund on an invoice must be 100% covered by Starmaker - it cannot be split amongst any other funding organizations. Any invoice that has been previously recognized in whole or in part by any other funding organization does not qualify as a Starmaker funding initiative.

    1. Track Record - Unit Level requirements per record according to Genre

      Minimum Sales By Genre

       Minimum SalesMaximum Sales
      Major Label7,500 units100,000 units
      Independent Label5,000 units150,000 units
      Major Label7,500 units100,000 units
      Independent Label5,000 units150,000 units
      Major Label7,500 units100,000 units
      Independent Label5,000 units150,000 units
      Major Label7,500 units100,000 units
      Independent Label5,000 units150,000 units
      Major Label5,000 units100,000 units
      Independent Label3,500 units150,000 units
      Major Label5,000 units100,000 units
      Independent Label3,500 units150,000 units
      Major Label2,000 units100,000 units
      Independent Label2,000 units150,000 units
      Major Label2,000 units100,000 units
      Independent Label2,000 units150,000 units
      Major Label2,000 units100,000 units
      Independent Label2,000 units150,000 units
      Major Label2,000 units100,000 units
      Independent Label2,000 units150,000 units
      Aboriginal artists
      Major Label2,000 units100,000 units
      Independent Label2,000 units150,000 units

      Unit level requirements must be met by one eligible release from the artist within the last five years. Sales levels are determined on records sold in Canada only - you can not include sales from outside of Canada. Sales levels will be determined on “net sales” in Canada excluding exports. This can include records sold offstage and through direct mail in Canada. Please note: “net sales” is defined as number of records shipped, net of returns.

      The RSF allows the sale of digital downloads of full albums and full condensed format releases to go toward meeting our net sales thresholds. A condensed format release is defined as having at least 20 minutes of music and at least 5 songs. Downloads of single tracks sold from titles released within the last five years will also be allowed in meeting the net sales thresholds. Five single track downloads from a full album or condensed format release will constitute one sale toward the achievement of the minimum sales threshold under the eligibility requirements. Canadian streams of single tracks from titles released within the last five years will also be allowed in meeting the net sales thresholds. Only streams shown on Soundscan/Music Connect Canada will be counted. 750 single track streams from a full album or condensed format release will constitute one sale toward the achievement of the minimum sales threshold under the eligibility requirements. The tracks must appear on the actual release – not remixes or versions of songs which don’t appear on the actual release.

      We will allow the inclusion of deluxe editions of a release in the count towards sales eligibility as long as there are at least 3 additional songs added to the original version of the release (remixes or versions of existing tracks are fine). If the applicant has already applied for the regular version of the release, they should not add the deluxe version into the system but you can include any sales or streams from the deluxe version should you re-apply under the original title. You will need to discuss the deluxe edition in the text of any new applications. In that case, the release date will stay the same as the original version and we will stick with the same cap of 4 domestic marketing applications max over a 2 year period from the original release date. If there were no applications submitted for the regular version of the release, then the release date for the deluxe version is what applicants should use as it will be the first release under which you apply for the title. You can include sales/streams from the previously released regular version when adding the deluxe edition into the system. All other rules around international marketing applications and touring applications will remain the same with the inclusion of a deluxe edition.

      Should Soundscan/Music Connect Canada indicate the applicant has reached but not exceeded the eligibility requirement for net sales, then it is not necessary to forward net sales reports to us. Should Soundscan/Music Connect Canada not indicate the net sales requirement has been met, then a Canadian net sales report indicating the title’s total Canadian shipments minus any returns must be submitted to us proving sales eligibility by the application deadline, in order for an application to be considered. The sooner this information can be received and subsequently approved – the better. The information can be sent via email/jpeg. It can take the form of a concise print-out from the distributor’s computer system on the distributor’s letterhead or via a letter from the distributor on their letterhead. It must show the name of the artist, title, date of release and must use the words “Canadian net sales” and the corresponding figure. Excel spreadsheets cannot be accepted. Manufacturing sheets will be accepted in specific situations but that needs to be cleared with us first. Otherwise, the Canadian net sales report is what we need to see for the application to be considered. Canadian net sales reports are necessary for the title which you have applied for in the application if it has already been shipped. If the qualifying title that meets our net sales minimum for this artist is not the title for which you are applying, you must also send a Canadian net sales report from the distributor of the title from the last five years which meets our net sales criteria in the artist’s respective genre. Documents sent in previous rounds will not be accepted. We always need to see updated information.

      Please note: any artist that is new to the fund or is re-establishing sales eligibility must receive written approval of sales eligibility from Jerry Leibowitz no later than 1 week before the deadline for any round. That means that all proof of eligibility for artists must be provided significantly in advance of 1 week before the deadline so that all the material can be reviewed and further information provided if necessary before that 1 week advance period elapses.

    2. Criteria to Establish Significant Investment

      Minimum Investments By Genre

       Minimum Investment
      Major Label$15,000.00
      Independent Label$10,000.00
      Major Label$15,000.00
      Independent Label$10,000.00
      Major Label$15,000.00
      Independent Label$10,000.00
      Major Label$15,000.00
      Independent Label$10,000.00
      Major Label$10,000.00
      Independent Label$7,000.00
      Major Label$10,000.00
      Independent Label$7,000.00
      Major Label$5,000.00
      Independent Label$5,000.00
      Major Label$5,000.00
      Independent Label$5,000.00
      Major Label$5,000.00
      Independent Label$5,000.00
      Major Label$5,000.00
      Independent Label$5,000.00
      Aboriginal artists
      Major Label$5,000.00
      Independent Label$5,000.00

      There is no minimum Significant Investment amount necessary for subsequent applications after an initial Domestic Marketing approval for a release.

      The Significant Investment is a crucial element to the application process. It will be used to determine the level of grant funding you will be eligible to receive. For major label releases the funding may be matched up to a maximum of 100% of the investment. For independent labels the funding may be matched up to a maximum of 200% of the investment. Funding amounts for bundles are capped at $20,000 for domestic marketing applications and $5,000 to $10,000 for international marketing applications depending on the territory. The investments must be true out of pocket, non-recoupable, 3rd party spending. You will not be permitted to use FACTOR funding as a component of your Significant Investment. You also may not receive funding reimbursement for any marketing expense for which you have already been reimbursed from another funding source. All RSF tour approvals must be declared to FACTOR as income if you’re applying for the same appearances.

      The Radio Starmaker Fund and FACTOR have established a policy of information exchange and invoice recognition to avoid any “double-dipping”. All Radio Starmaker funding for marketing initiatives must be 100% funded by the RSF. None of your funding initiatives in a marketing application can be funded in whole or in part by another funding organization. If any portion of an individual invoice has been previously recognized by any other funding organization, the expense will not be considered by the RSF. Also, any costs associated with the creation and production of your record (i.e. recording costs, CD/DVD manufacturing, artwork, etc.) cannot be included in your Significant Investment.

      The Significant Investment can be established by spending in approved categories 12 months prior to the deadline for the round in which you apply, as well as any anticipated spending you will make up until 8 months following the deadline for the round in which you apply. Please see FAQ #15 for further details. Funding initiatives cannot be claimed retroactively. Labels may claim reimbursement for funding initiatives commencing from the date their applications are submitted.

      Applicants will be given 1 week from the date they are advised their application has been approved to lower their Significant Investment to a level so that independent label applicants can reach a 2:1 Funding Request to Significant Investment ratio and major label applicants can reach a 1:1 Funding Request to Significant Investment ratio. Here is a specific example. If an independent label applicant indicates they will spend $30,000 in Significant Investment they could potentially be approved for up to $60,000 in RSF funding. If this applicant is only approved for $40,000 in funding, they will have 1 week from the time they are notified the application has been approved to lower their required Significant Investment to $20,000 to reach the 2:1 ratio. No new Significant Investment can be introduced - only the existing Significant Investment can be lowered. Major label applicants would have the same 1 week to bring the Significant Investment down to $40,000. If the new lower Significant Investment request isn’t received within 1 week, it will be assigned to the applicant on their behalf. The minimum Significant Investment levels based on genre and type of release (independent or major) will still be required in order to be eligible to receive RSF funding. Significant Investment can not be lowered to a point below the minimum requirements.

      The Board of Directors of the Radio Starmaker Fund shall make the final determination on all funding requests and their decision is final and binding and not subject to review or appeal. The criteria used by the Board shall be comprised of a number of factors including the track record of the artist, the amount of investment being made by the label, the marketing plan and the resources available to the Fund in that period. There will be no jury process that considers the artistic or commercial merit of the music, however, we ask that you submit a sample of music (MP3 or WAV file) as part of your application for context. In advance of an application being submitted, the Radio Starmaker Fund requires confirmation that the genre of music you have chosen to apply under in your application is the appropriate genre for your music. The release can be emailed or you can send your CD to the Radio Starmaker Fund office.

      The Fund recognizes that artist development occurs in phases and we will therefore allow each project to receive funding for domestic marketing up to four times for each individual record released within a two year time period. You may wish to apply only for the portion of funding required for the first phase of your marketing plan; do not feel that you must outline an entire 18 month marketing campaign. The Board will meet four times a year and allocate money in each calendar quarter.

    Please see the “Frequently Asked Questions” section for additional information in regards to eligibility requirements.

    3. Get Started

    I’ve read the terms and I meet the eligibility requirements.Start My Application

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